Welcome to Wodakota

Facing the Winds of Change

By promoting, protecting and educating others about the traditional values and wisdom of Indigenouos People, the Wodakota Foundation—a grassroots, non-profit organization
—is working to preserve the cultural and spiritual lifeways of the traditional Lakota (Dakota/Nakota) people for the sake of future generations.

The term Wo-dakota means:

"peaceful, responsible and caring; a compassionate and generous people."

Wodakota encourages people to step forward in recognizing the value of their own cultural roots and, in so doing, reconnecting with the strengths and wisdom that all traditional cultures hold in common: our connection to each other and to the Earth.

Our core projects seek to accomplish the following:

  • Protecting Sacred Sites throughout the World
  • Promoting dialogue among indigenous people
  • Encouraging traditional values and skills alongside earth-friendly technologies
  • Seeking sustainable solutions to environmental abuse
  • Educating the succeeding generation to become responsible, well-balanced
    human beings.